Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted.” - John Lennon

Meet The Lake Weirdos


The Lake's New Night Show, Hosted by Corn Pop

Weeknights (that's Monday through Friday)

11:59PM UK time

7PM Eastern time

5PM Roswell time

Corn Pop hails from Ding Dong, Texas. The namesake of the cream filled chocolate cupcakes and the sound you make when you kill a witch. He loves the Beatles, breakfast cereal, and his upstairs neighbor, Rebecca (unrequited). When he’s not spinning wax for The Lake, you can find him in the eBay comment section responding to peoples product reviews, or chilling in the man cave. He’s worked for such illustrious radio hours as “Corn Pops in the Morning”, “Uncle Fartster and the Corn Pop”, and “Jimmy Corn Pop and I Don’t Care”. All of which were live streamed directly from his basement. He has no training. No discernible skills. Almost no talent. But he likes music, and hey, so do you! So what do you have to lose? Join Corn Pop as he pops corn and spins some funky jams. BTW, Corn Pop would like to emphasize that he has no affiliation to the breakfast cereal or that weird guy with a chain that Joe Biden went rambling on about… Although that chain guy did sound pretty cool!


It's about time a Nanny had a radio show.

Sundays at

6PM British time

1PM Boston time

12PM Bugtussle, Kentucky time

Born in the British section of NYC, The Lake’s Resident Rock Nanny is the offspring of a classical composer and his housekeeper. The Nanny grew up learning about two worlds. From her father, she learned astonishingly boring music in all its styles, forms, and genres. From her Mother, she learned how to put up with ponderously self-involved men, how to remove a stain with club soda, and so on. Leaving home at 18, she traveled the world pursuing a career in music and high-end housework. She cleaned the stage at Woodstock, baked pies at Abbey Road, and even vacuumed the floors at Electric Lady Studios. In both worlds, she is a bona fide legend.

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